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At Eleantz, our brand management strategy revolves around three core principles: Performance Reporting, Price and Seller Tracking, and Inventory Management. We employ performance reporting tools to analyze sales and enhance overall performance while vigilantly monitoring Minimum Advertised Prices to protect brand reputation. Proactively addressing unauthorized sellers is a priority. Our efficient inventory management ensures optimal stock levels and accurate annual forecasts. These strategies, coupled with our commitment to detail and compliance, underpin our comprehensive brand management services.

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Some pre questions and answers

Is Map Pricing Mandatory or not?

Maintaining MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) compliance enables brand owner to maintain pricing uniformity across all sellers. If any seller violates the MAP, we on behalf of brand can impose charges on them. Additionally, this practice also helps us in identifying any unauthorized sellers.

Do you have 100% Buy Box on all your listings?

If we observe that seller does not have complete ownership of the Buy Box, it indicates the presence of other sellers on listings or out of stock situation. In former cases, it is essential to monitor these third- party sellers and assess their authorization status. If they are unauthorized, we can initiate their removal after issuing a warning, thereby increasing chances of securing the Buy Box.

Are you actually harnessing the reports given by Amazon to get useful insights of your business?

Amazon provides various reports, including those for Sales, Inventory, Marketing, Buy Box, Listings, and Returns. These reports aid us in data aggregation, enabling the creation of internal reports for in-depth analysis of seller performance metrics. This analysis guides in identifying growth catalysts for businesses.

How can I prevent stockouts and overstocks situation in inventory management?

It is crucial to consistently monitor inventory levels. Top-selling products should always maintain a minimum inventory stock equivalent to 45 days of supply. In contrast, it is crucial to regularly monitor non-performing SKUs to prevent incurring long-term storage fees. We create replenishment model for sellers considering the seasonality & spikes to avoid such situations.

How can I leverage inventory data to enhance my forecasting accuracy?

Effective inventory management is a vital asset for any business. It involves aligning supply with demand to facilitate precise and reliable annual forecasting. Maintaining product levels in accordance with product demand is essential for promoting sales growth and overall business success.


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